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Your High Street Needs You: Do Your Bit By Shopping Local in Manchester

Next time you’re about to make an online purchase, pause for a second and ask yourself one simple question: Could I buy this locally? 


With retail experts predicting that 15,000 shops could shut for good by the end of 20251, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the UK’s high streets are in a perilous position. 


So, the next time you need to buy something, be it an everyday item or a one-off big-ticket purchase, consider whether you can buy it from a local shop or market. 


Here’s why. 


Help your area thrive 


To keep the high street alive, we need to use it. On top of the immediate financial benefits, shopping locally helps create a general buzz – thus generating more footfall. On the other hand, if shoppers stay away, more stores shut, creating a wasteland that deters visitors.  


Support the local economy 


A fair proportion of the money you spend with local businesses will go back into your community instead of going into the coffers of a global giant. A recent survey showed that for every £10 spent locally, £3.85 is recirculated within the local community2.  


Benefits community groups 


Many small businesses support local sports clubs, fundraising efforts and charities. Without their contribution, some of these small organisations – that make a huge difference – wouldn’t be able to carry on. 


Generate local jobs 


A healthy local economy means a broader choice of job opportunities for people in the area. Many workers welcome the chance to work close to home and save time and money by avoiding a lengthy commute.  


It’s a greener option 


Locally made or grown produce will have a lower carbon footprint than similar products flown or shipped in from abroad.  


More interactive shopping experience 


Online shopping has its benefits, but nothing compares to seeing a product with your own eyes. It’s also a plus to be able to speak to a real person – not a chatbot – if you have any questions.  


Sense of community 


Bumping into people you know when you’re out and about and chatting to local business owners is a great way to embed yourself in the community. 


Here at Myhouse Agents,we’re proud to be part of the Manchester business community. Tell us where you love to shop on the high street. Comment below.   


1 Local Data Company 

2 Shop Local UK

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